It is indeed a profound honour for me to be afforded this opportunity, to note a few words for the launch of our Solomon Mahlangu Residence website.

My vision is to transform Solomon Mahlangu Residence into the best preferred residence of the Nelson Mandela University (NMU), a residence that cares genuinely about all our students (local and international students) and a residence that excels in everything we do. Solomon Mahlangu Residence reflects the diversity, not only of our African continent, but increasingly of the rest of the world.

Our residence has over the years housed a number of people who today are prominent leaders in industries, the public and private sector. As Residence Manager I believe that your living environment needs to be conducive to assist in your academic achievements.

My short term goal is to create a motivational climate in our residence. A motivational climate is an inspirational environment in which students and staff are aligned and committed to achieve the residence objectives. I firmly believe that under such conditions our students will stand a better chance in reaching peak performance. The pre-conditions for such a transformation are located in effective and efficient management-leadership, a shared values system and sound work ethics. This will require a concerted effort by the Residence Management, Residence Student Assistants', Hakkas' and students to work in unison.

We are living in times of turbulent change and we need to prepare our students to develop the resilience and flexibility to thrive to change. The student that will be successful is the perpetual student; the student who remains positive and focused, thriving on discord and the student that always seeks to turn dissonance into harmony. Such students are not only happier but are also less likely to disconnect or depart in the face of change and confusion.

Our students are increasingly starting to subscribe to the concept of Student Living and Learning and are encouraged by management to take part in the formation of Living and Learning Communities. Living and Learning Communities in the future will form an integral part of the university experience, providing students with the opportunity to live in an environment that promotes diversity, embraces excellence, encourages insightful faculty-student interaction and works to develop a strong sense of community.

If you have applied, or are residing in Solomon Mahlangu Residence, I can assure you that it will be an enriching experience. Solomon Mahlangu Residence life has much to offer and your development as a person in Solomon Mahlangu Residence will be extremely beneficial.

Please visit the About us page to read about the features of our residence.

"Solomon Mahlangu Residence- Unite Us"

 Solomon Mahlangu Residence Residence Manager